Shane Wahner

Philanthropist - Entrepreneur - Business & Financial Advisor

From an abusive childhood and homelessness, I have come to see challenges as opportunities for growth, expansion, and positive change. This outlook has transformed my own life, my businesses, and most importantly - the lives of others. My passion is teaching people from all walks of life how to live authentically and harness opportunities to bring the best results in any situation - business or personal! For years I’ve been teaching entrepreneurs, corporate leadership, educators, non-profit boards, and others how to achieve their business goals and secure personal success. How can I help you and your business?

Featured Projects

Cooper Global Chauffeured Transportation

New Business & Marketing Development


  • Marketing Strategies
  • Develop new lines of revenue
  • Develop new business opportunities
  • Develop new industry technological advancements
  • First 30 days generated 2400 unique visitors to their website
  • First 30 days over 700 phone calls into the call center
  • Averaging over 60 new calls per day in 1st year
  • Company growth of over 2 million in revenue in 1st year and 4 million by 2nd year.

Bridge Da Gap

Marketing & Business Development

  • Marketing strategies
  • New business development & marketing consulting
  • Online web development, marketing and fundraising
  • Helped develop the new BDG Mobile platform spanning across the nation.
  • Developed new web platform and technology to launch their educational program worldwide
  • Helped get sponsors and hold a successful 2015 Gala

Fountain of Youth MD

Marketing, Sales & Business Development

  • Hire and trains sales team
  • Develop and manage new corporate health and wellness relationships
  • Develop new marketing strategies
  • We brought in new clients including Coca Cola, Bank Of America and many others
  • Developed core sales directors well trains sales staff
  • Created successful new hire procedures, training manual and process

Absolute Limos / Lifestyle

Marketing & New Client Procurement

  • Marketing Strategies
  • New Client Procurement
  • Business Development
  • We brought the company from a fleet of one to a fleet of over 26 vehicles
  • Company now is worth over $5 million dollars
  • Created local relationships with nightlife and major venues

Chuck Smith NFL DLine, Inc

Marketing & Development

  • Marketing Strategies
  • Identify New Revenue Opportunities
  • Business Development
  • Web Development
  • Build Social Media Presence
  • Averaging over 10 new contacts per day in 1st year
  • Skyrocketed social media engagement

Furkids, Inc.

Marketing & Development

  • SEO Search Engine Optimization
  • SEM Search Engine Marketing
  • Web Design and Development
  • Fund Raising Development
  • IT and Network Configurations and Maintenance
  • Increased social media audience by thousands
  • Developed New Highly SEO Web Platform

Ben Carson

Marketing & Development

  • SEO Search Engine Optimization
  • SEM Search Engine Marketing
  • Video Production
  • Fund Raising Development




Meeting with Grant Cardone, Robert Duggan, Kevin Khao Cates and Chris Cota

Meeting with Chuck Smith of the NFL business partners Gary Shmerling, Chris Cota and Louis Rosa

Idris Adams, Reverend Don Rivers, Shane Wahner, Chris Cota



GA Emergency Plumber

Shane founded GA Emergency Plumber with the goal of proving 24/7 service at an affordable price.
American Redwood Logo 2

American Redwood

Shane believes in creating the best opportunities for employees in any industry and so co-founded American Redwood with James Albright and Jeff Muncy. He feels service-based industries are the heart of our county and are needed now more than ever.
844 dont settle logo

844 Don't Settle

Shane founded 844-DON’T-SETTLE aiming to help people find the best legal representation. He wanted to prevent people from hiring the wrong attorney for their case and experiencing horrible results - getting minimal compensation or even losing the case entirely. This network of experienced, knowledgeable attorneys offers stellar custom service and gets their customers the compensation they deserve.

Nerdzy Media

Shane co-founded Nerdzy Media with Kristen Massaro in 2018. Shane loves creating, strategizing, and solving the puzzle of marketing. His marketing abilities are one of the main driving factors for his success.

Pinnacle of Prosperity

Shane founded Pinnacle of Prosperity with the goal of creating a community of people helping each other to achieve the greatest success and manifest their deepest desires in their lifetimes.

Soko Credit Repair

Shane founded Soko Credit Repair which aims to help individuals enhance their lives by increasing their credit. Providing education to clients, teaching them how to maintain an A-rated credit while utilizing their improved credit to generate a passive income.

Renegade Food Truck Builders

Founded by Shane, Renegade Food Truck Builders specializes in building custom vending trucks, food trucks, and providing mobile business solutions. We will work with you to find out your exact needs, and build your truck with those specific requirements in mind. We are number one in the United States at what we do.

Penguin Pressure Washing

Penguin Pressure Washing is without peer or parallel when it comes to residential and commercial property maintenance. We are committed to providing an eco-friendly solution to your commercial and industrial property’s exterior maintenance needs in Georgia! Whether it’s a parking lot that needs to be pressure washed and protected with a sealant, a residential solar panel cleaning, or a 12 story window washing, we will get the job done! Penguin Pressure Washing will not stop until we’ve made your property shine like new!
Titan Valet logo

Titan Valet Parking

Shane founded Titan Valet Parking when his friend needed someone to run valet parking for him at his venues.
SQ Party Buses logo

SQ Party Bus

Shane founded SQ Party Bus in 2011 and was able to take it from a single vehicle to the largest fleet of party buses in Georgia. SQ Party Bus was created with customer service as its main focus.

Titan Mobile Truck and Auto Repair

Shane founded Titan Mobile Truck and Auto Repair to help individuals stranded on the side of the road get back home safely 24/7.

Affinity Projects

Shane co-founded Affinity Projects in 2015. Shane's always had a passion for helping people, animals, anyone or anything in need. Shane doesn't just believe in giving free hand-outs, but believes in inspiring others to reach their fullest potential. "Give a man a fish and he will be fed for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will be fed for a lifetime.” Affinity Projects helps other organizations obtain the resources needed to meet the needs in their communities and assists in creating internal programs to help in the community at large.
loves-movers-logo framedpng

Loves Movers

Shane founded Loves Movers in partnership with local, family-owned moving companies in an effort to help these amazing companies grow beyond their current means.
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Distinguished Young Women of Georgia Foundation

Shane currently serves on the board of the Distinguished Young Women of Georgia Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit foundation.

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